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Free Diving

Come discover or train in freediving!

*PADI courses

Discover Free Diving : 120€

Discover freediving with this first dive of about 2 hours. 

During this session, you will learn the basic principles of free diving, including  physiology of breathing and relaxation techniques. Our PADI certified instructor will guide you through practical exercises in the water. You will learn to breathe, relax and explore the sensations of freediving.

Basic Free Diving : 220€ (e-learning inclus)

Go further than the Discover with this afternoon course!

Discover the basics of freediving with the PADI Basic Free Diving training!

This course is a perfect introduction of freediving, offering everyone the opportunity to explore the underwater wonders safely. Designed for beginners, this training gives you an overview of the basic techniques of freediving to allow you to fully enjoy this unique experience.

Free Diving: 320€ (e-learning inclus)

With the two-afternoon PADI Free Diving Course, you will learn the essential techniques to extend your diving time and maximize your underwater comfort. This course will open the doors to exciting new underwater experiences.

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