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Discover them from level 2!

REDERIS-Epave le Bananier.webp

The Alice Robert aka "Le Bananier"

  • Length : 95 mètres.

  • Width : 15 mètres.

  • Depth: 25 m (start) - 50 m (bottom).

  • Accessible from level 2.

Built in 1934, this freighter ensured the rapid transport of fruit for 5 years between the French colonies and the ports of Bordeaux and Nantes. In October 1942, the Germans requisitioned it as a fast escort, and they armed it with two guns to fight against the Allied aviation and submarines. In May 1943, it carried out escort missions of German maritime traffic on the coast of Italy and was torpedoed in June 1944 by the British submarine "HMS Ultor (P53)".

Broken in half, 1/3 of the stern of the ship rests about 150 m further. It is the most dived wreck of the Catalan coast; it is full of fish and rich in fixed fauna.

REDERIS-Epave l'Astrée.webp

The Astrée

  • Length : 87 mètres.

  • Width : 13 mètres.

  • Depth : 38 m (start) - 47 (bottom).

  • Accessible from level 2​

Built in England in 1921, this coal ship was assigned in 1933 to the colonial lines of North Africa. It was converted into an ore freighter in 1939 and was torpedoed by the British submarine "HMS untiring (P59)" during the Second World War. 

Rich in fish too, it has openings large enough to explore the interior.

REDERIS-Epave le Saumur.webp

The Saumur

  • Length : 108 metres.

  • Width : 13.5 metres.

  • Depth : 35 m (start) - 48 m (bottom).

  • Accessible from level 2.

Built in 1920 in Scotland, the Saumur was first a coal ship and then it was assigned to colonial lines. In December 1942, it passed into the hands of the Germans who transferred it to Italy. In May 1944, the Saumur was also torpedoed by a British submarine, the "HMS Upstart (P65)". The Saumur is the largest wreck in the region. 

Broken in two parts, the rear is lying while the front is laid straight, you can also observe his machine guns. 

The Saint-Lucien

  •  Length : 80 m.

  •  Width : 11 m.

  •  Depth : 32 m (start) - 40 m (bottom).

  • Accessible from level 2.​

This ship was originally named after the Danish city where it was built in 1920, Aalborg. When it was seized at Leith (Scotland) in 1940, it was transformed into a ore freighter (coal) that sailed between France and North Africa. He was renamed Saint Lucien in 1941. In 1943, when the ship was returned to German control, it was the first victim of the Royal Navy submarine named "HMS Unruly (P49)". It is sunk at the tip of Cap Béar. 

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